46 Articles on Funeral Dos and Don’ts When Sending Flowers

Sending flowers for a funeral is something that is tradition in many cultures and religions. However, in some religions or cultures there are specific rules about sending funeral flowers. It is very important that during a time of grieving that you do not insult or otherwise offend someone’s family by sending inappropriate funeral flowers. The following articles will help you learn about the different customs, the meaning of funeral flowers, what flowers are best for funerals and a variety of other information to help you when you are trying to choose and send funeral flowers.

  1. Winfield Flower Shoppe: Different religions have different rules about sending flowers at a funeral.  Find out about the differences before you make a mistake.
  2. The Family Plot: Learn about Buddhist funerals and if flowers are appropriate to send.
  3. End Torture: Being sensitive to others when sending flowers to a funeral is a very important thing to keep in mind.
  4. Simple Sympathy: Make things easier by learning the things you should know about how to send flowers to a funeral.
  5. FSN Funeral Homes: A very informative piece about how to choose the right flowers for a funeral.
  6. Chabad: Jewish traditions about funeral flowers may differ from traditional ideas.  Before you send flowers for a Jewish funeral read this.
  7. 416-Florist: Find great flowers and flower arrangements through this site.
  8. Sky News Wire: Casket flower arrangements are popular, but you have to be sure you are choosing one that is appropriate.
  9. Comfort Your Heart: Sending funeral flowers can be tricky.  Make sure you are doing the right thing by reading this article.
  10. Michaels Flower Girl: This article offers some simple advice of proper flower etiquette for funerals.
  11. Valley of Life: Learn about some simple things you should be considering when sending flowers to a funeral.
  12. Your Funeral Guy Blog: An expert gives some insight into funerals, including costs and flower information.
  13. Like Merchant Ships: An interesting question and answer session all about how to choose and send the right flowers for a funeral.
  14. Funeral Digest: Various articles and blog posts relating all types of funeral topics, including flowers and preparing for your own funeral.
  15. Momoy: A nice informative piece about the many things you should consider when selecting a flower arrangement for a funeral.
  16. Gifts or Flowers: There are many times when you may question if it is okay to send funeral flowers.  This will help you know if you send them or not.
  17. In Lieu of Flowers: A great article explaining why we send flowers at a funeral.
  18. USCJ: A guide that addresses all the different funeral customs of the Jewish religion, including funeral flowers.
  19. Walker Florist: Answers to common questions about what to do and not do when sending flowers to a funeral.
  20. Cremation Solutions: A short and simple guide that offers insight into the different funeral flower customs associated with various religions.
  21. Mail Flowers: Addresses common questions about choosing and sending funeral flowers.  Also gives examples of appropriate flower arrangements.
  22. Find Flowers: An overview of the many different options in types of arrangements that are appropriate to give at funerals.
  23. Funerals-and-Flowers: Sending the right flowers to a funeral will often depend on religion and cultural customs.  This is a great summary of various cultures and religions around the world and their funeral flower etiquette.
  24. Selected Funeral Homes: Learn about various religious funeral customs, including information relating to how flowers are used in the service.
  25. Ray Hunter Funeral Flowers: From Buddhism to Scientology, learn the etiquette of sending funeral flowers.
  26. Beginning With I: An interesting story about an Italian funeral.
  27. Mission Parks: A guide to the various things you should know about giving funeral flowers.
  28. US-Funerals: Important information that you should consider when you are planning on sending funeral flowers.
  29. Grower Direct: An explanation about funeral flowers, including tips and history.
  30. Binley Florist: Find out everything you need to know about sending sympathy flowers.
  31. The Light Beyond: Customs, etiquette and advice on how to send flowers for different funerals based on religion and culture.
  32. Funeral Wise: A look at a Greek Orthodox funeral and the role of flowers.
  33. Video Jug: An expert answers questions about sending flowers at a Chinese funeral.
  34. Jewish-Mourning-Guide: Information on how flowers are used in a Jewish funeral service.
  35. Icepop: Knowing the top flower arrangement choices can help make it easier for you to decide what to send to a funeral.
  36. Professional Car: Have you heard of a flower car?  Find out where these cars are used in funerals.
  37. Evr Memories: Funeral traditions and the use of flowers can vary across the US. Find out more in this article.
  38. The Flower Expert: Expert advice on different funeral flower choices.
  39. Completely-Crete: Information about how funerals are handled and what happens at funerals in Crete.
  40. Ghost Village: An interesting look at funeral traditions and history.
  41. Syrian Gate: A look at how funerals are held in Syria and how flowers are not a Syrian tradition.
  42. Obits: Knowing the history of funeral flowers can help you to know what flowers to send.
  43. Easy Flowers: The meaning of different flowers can help you to decide what flowers to send for a funeral.
  44. Garden Guides: Different funeral arrangements have different meanings. Make sure you are sending the right sympathy flowers.
  45. Frontline-Apologetics: Funeral flowers and sympathy flowers are two different things. If you didn’t know that then read this information article.
  46. Katie Peckett: A discussion of popular flower choices for funeral flowers.

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