53 Posts About Plants to Avoid with Children or Pets

Most plants are beautiful and safe for anyone to enjoy. Some are not so safe. When you have children or pets around your home, you must know which plants are okay to have around and which could be toxic. There are some that are beautiful but deadly that you need to be aware of. Knowing what is around your home helps you to prevent tragic accidents from occurring. Most babies put things in their mouths to learn and a plant is now different. Some could just leave your baby with a nasty taste but others could be much more dangerous. Read through these posts to see just what you need to do to baby and pet proof your home.

  1. Which Plants are Unsafe: Learn which plants are unsafe to have around when you have children.
  2. Toxic Plant List: Here is a list of the toxic plants that you should avoid if you have children or pets.
  3. Household Plants to Avoid: Watch out for these plants in your home. They can be dangerous to your children.
  4. Plants to Avoid: Check around your home to make sure these plants are not around. They can be dangerous to your children.
  5. Child’s Garden: Helping children have a garden is a great learning experience. Watch out for these and avoid having them outside as they can be dangerous to children.
  6. Avoiding Poisonous Plants: Learn which are harmful to pets and to humans and get rid of them. Use the necessary precautions to protect your entire family.
  7. Gardening with Children: Tips to teach children how to garden and what plants are safe for them.
  8. Prevent Plant Poisoning: Get tips here on how to prevent plant poisoning. Also tips on how to handle it if you come in contact with these.
  9. The Child Friendly Backyard: Learn how to make your backyard child friendly. Make sure your plants in your yard are all safe for your children and pets to be around.
  10. Poisonous Plants in New Zealand: Take a look at this list of the plants to avoid in New Zealand.
  11. Poisonous Plants: Know What to Grow: Learn what you can grow in your yard if you have children and pets. Keep your yards safe.
  12. Toxic Plants that Can Harm Children and Pets: Be informed of the plants that can harm your children and pets. Make sure you have gotten rid of these if they are in your yard anywhere.
  13. Christmas Plant Safety: Discover a few tips to keep your pets and animals safe during the holidays.
  14. Cats and Plants: Keep these different plants away from your cats. These are harmful and can poison your cat.
  15. Train Your Cat Not to Eat Plants: Get tips here on how to keep your cats from eating your house plants.
  16. Toxic Food and Plants for Pets: Find out which foods and plants can be toxic for dogs. There are some that may just make them a little sick and others that could kill your dog. Be safe and learn what those are.
  17. Plants and Foods that Kill Cats: If you have a cat then please read this article. Be aware of the ones that could harm or even kill your cat.
  18. Poisonous Plants: Find out which plants are not good to have around your cat or dog. These could seriously harm your animal.
  19. Keep Your Cat from Eating Your Plant: Learn how to train your cat to stop eating your house plants. This will help to prevent them from eating a harmful plant.
  20. Lilies and More: Most all forms of Lilies are poisonous to cats. Find out which ones plus others that are harmful to your cat.
  21. Growing Pet Friendly Plants: Here are a few tips on how to grow pet friendly plants. Keeping plants around your home is possible if you know which ones to grow.
  22. Plants and Your Cat: Some cats won’t eat poisonous plants but you should be aware which ones are bad for your animals.
  23. Cat Owner’s Handbook: Find out what plants to keep away from your cat and which ones are okay.
  24. Plants Poisonous to Dogs: Learn how to keep your dog safe from plants. There are some that could be seriously harmful to your dog.
  25. Toxic Garden Plants: These plants are toxic to children. Learn how to identify them and be aware of them in your own yard.
  26. Poisonous House Plants: Find out which plants you may have in your house are unsafe for your children and pets. Decide whether they are really worth having if you have children or pets in your home.
  27. Plants and Items Poisonous to Children: Discover some items you may not even realize that are dangerous to your children. These things could be in your home and you are not aware of the dangers they pose.
  28. List of Plants: Take a look at this list of plants that are dangerous to have around your children. Make sure to get rid of these or place them away from your child’s reach.
  29. Holiday Tips: Learn how to be safe during the holiday season. Keep your pets and children safe from those extra plant dangers that could be around.
  30. Poison Prevention: Read this article to see which plants you should be cautious around. There are some that you can keep but some that you need to get rid of if you have them.
  31. Plants to Be Cautious Around: There are many beautiful plants around but not all are great for children.
  32. You May Not Even Know These: Here are some common indoor and outdoor plants that most people are not aware that are poisonous.
  33. Garden Information: Find out what plants you need to remove from your property when they are found.
  34. Plants to Avoid for Humans and Animals: Make sure to check your property and get rid of any of these plants you may find.
  35. Plants to Stay Away From: Learn how to take care of poison oak or poison ivy. Stay away from these and other plants that are dangerous to you.
  36. Four Ways Plants Can Get You: Learn the ways plants can get to you like through sap or thorns. Be cautious around plants you are unsure of.
  37. House and Garden Plants: Read here to find information on the house and garden plants you need to be cautious of. These are poisonous and can hurt you or your loved ones.
  38. Pretty Things can Harm You: Just because it is pretty to look at does not mean it is safe to touch. Learn which plants can be toxic to children and pets.
  39. Ten Poisonous Plants: Find ten of the plants that you should avoid if you have children or pets in your home.
  40. Non Toxic Plants: These are a few of the household plants you can feel comfortable purchasing if you are a parent or pet owner. These are not toxic to your family.
  41. Poison Prevention: Learn how to keep your children safe from poisoning. Keep chemicals and houseplants out of their reach.
  42. Are Your Plants Safe?: Get the answer to that question here from fellow parent bloggers. Learn what plants need to go and what to do if exposed to one.
  43. Houseplants: Learn where to keep these houseplants if you are going to have them in your home. See which ones need to be kept high out of reach of pets or children.
  44. Prevent Poisoning: Learn how to keep your pets safe and prevent them from getting into plants that could harm them.
  45. Poisonous Houseplants: Whether we realize it or not, many of our plants we have in our house could actually be toxic.
  46. Plants and Dogs: Find out which plants are safe to have around your dogs and which ones you want to get rid of.
  47. Deadly Plants: Find out which plants can be deadly to your pets and even you or your children. Also get help on what to do should your child or pet ingest those plants.
  48. Plants and You: Learn to treat unknown plants with respect and teach your children to do the same. Understand the dangers of plants you are not familiar with.
  49. Teach Your Children: Show your children how to care for plants and how to handle them. Show them that not all plants are safe and how to identify those that aren’t.
  50. 8 Popular but Deadly Plants: Find out which 8 popular houseplants are also deadly. Ones we choose to keep in our home we may not realize could actually do a lot of harm.
  51. Dealing With Common Misconceptions: There are a lot of misconceptions out there about which plants are poisonous and which are safe. Learn here the truth as one blogger attempts to set the record straight.
  52. Poison Prevention: Learn how to prevent poisoning in your children. It can happen faster than you imagine.
  53. Is This Plant Edible?: Think before you eat. Learn which plants are edible and which ones can do a lot of harm if ingested.

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